Project Structure

Interdependency of the technical work packages culminating in the final CarrICool demonstrator.


The CarrICool project will demonstrate the robust and reliable manufacturing of a modular interposer, supporting systemability of future 3D stacks and (SoC). The interposer integrates the following four More-than-Moore elements into one high-end package as a supporting infrastructure for Beyond-CMOS devices:

  • integrated fluid-cavities,
  • integrated passives,
  • structural and electrical interposer platform,
  • and optical coupling elements.

According modeling frameworks, as well as architectural design-rules will allow the tailoring of modular, individual or exclusive solutions. The research undertaken in CarrICool will comply with future system demands, as identified by the Advisory Board and Industry partners (WP1). Furthermore, the proposed research is strongly interdisciplinary and involves investigations of materials, processes, designs and architectures, needed for the implementation of a reliable interposer platform (WP5), with integrated forced convective single-phase heat removal (WP2), in combination with distributed Buck-converters, relying on integrated passives (WP3), as well as optical benches and coupling features (WP4), culminating in the final CarrICool demonstrator module (WP6).